New Literacies Takes on Massachusetts

Preparing teachers for online literacy skills required for 21st century teaching is an ambitious goal for a week-long training session. However, that is exactly what education experts from the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation (FI) did last week at the Massachusetts New Literacies Teacher Leader Institute.

This collaborative Institute was created by professors from North Carolina State University and three other universities; the professors worked with leaders at the MA Department of Secondary and Elementary Education to customize the learning experience for MA teachers. Institute leaders included Dr. Hiller Spires, John Lee, and Carl Young from NC State; Dr. Don Leu from University of Connecticut;  Dr. Julie Coiro from University of Rhode Island and Dr. Jill Castek from UC-Berkely.

“We provided a technology-rich environment for teachers to design and create project-based inquiry lessons using many of the tools that students use outside of school,” said Dr. Hiller Spires, senior research fellow at the FI and professor in the College of Education at NC State University. “We created and modeled a new learning ecology for teachers during the Institute— the type of dynamic learning environment we want teachers to orchestrate for their students.”

Original Source: New Literacies Takes on Massachusetts

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