NLC Team

Photo of Dr. Hiller A. Spires
Dr. Hiller A. Spires NLC Co-Director, Senior Research Fellow and Distinguished Professor
Phone: 919-513-8501
Photo of Dr. John Lee
Dr. John Lee NLC Co-Director and Associate Professor
Phone: 919-513-0126

Photo of Dr. Jill Grifenhagen
Dr. Jill Grifenhagen Assistant Professor, Literacy Education
Phone: 919-515-2231
Photo of Dr. Ann Harrington
Dr. Ann Harrington Teaching Associate Professor
Phone: 919-513-2269
Photo of Lisa Hervey
Lisa Hervey Teaching Assistant Professor and Research Associate
Phone: 919-513-8581
Photo of Marie Himes
Marie Himes Research Associate
Phone: 919-513-8548
Photo of Shea Kerkhoff Vessa
Shea Kerkhoff Vessa Literacy Doctoral Assistant
Photo of Dr. James Lester
Dr. James Lester Distinguished Professor
Phone: 919-515-7534
Photo of Erin Lyjak
Erin Lyjak Research Associate
Phone: 919-513-8518
Photo of Sonja M. Bot
Sonja M. Bot Research Assistant
Phone: 919-579-0067
Photo of Dr. Meghan Manfra
Dr. Meghan Manfra Assistant Professor
Phone: 919-513-1286
Photo of Casey Medlock
Casey Medlock Literacy Doctoral Assistant
Photo of Dr. Brad Mott
Dr. Brad Mott Research Scientist
Phone: 919-513-3436
Photo of Dr. W. Ian O’Byrne
Dr. W. Ian O’Byrne Educator, Researcher, & Speaker
Photo of Dr. Kevin Oliver
Dr. Kevin Oliver Associate Professor
Phone: 919-515-6229
Photo of Dr. Carol Pope
Dr. Carol Pope Professor
Phone: 919-515-1776
Photo of Jonathan Rowe
Jonathan Rowe Senior Research AssociateS
Photo of Dr. Angela Wiseman
Dr. Angela Wiseman Associate Professor
Phone: 919-513-0920
Photo of Dr. Carl Young
Dr. Carl Young Associate Professor
Phone: 919-757-3676
Photo of Chang (Jennifer) Yuan
Chang (Jennifer) Yuan Visiting Scholar
Phone: 919-561-7936
Photo of Dr. Meixun (Sinky) Zheng
Dr. Meixun (Sinky) Zheng Adjunct Professor